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Total War Pre-Workout

Fight your war within!

When it’s time to go to battle, you go hard with Total War®. Experience a workout with intensity you didn’t think was possible. Newfound strength and energy are just minutes away. Lock in and get ready to bring the noise!

Product benefits:

  • Laser Focus

  • Extreme Energy

  • Unstoppable Power

Woke AF Pre-Workout

Gives you the energy and the pump you need, and keeps you locked in when you’re most anabolic.

Shock'D Yoked

Formulated to provide an amazingly strong muscle pump, insane energy levels, and intense mental focus for your training.

Pump Fuel Insanity Ultra

Fueling workouts all across the country, and taking results above and beyond expectations!

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Note: Formulations can change over time. Be sure to check the ingredients label on the in-store product.

Serving Size 1 Scoop(s) » Servings Per Container 30

Amount Per Serving % DV: Citrulline Malate 6g » Beta Alanine 3.2g » Agmatine Sulfate 1g » Taurine 1g » Caffeine Anhydrous 250mg » Juniper Extract 150mg » Di-Caffeine Malate 100mg » Green Tea Extract 45mg » Naringin 98% 25mg » BioPerine Black Pepper Extract 10mg » Theoroma Cocoa Extract 5mg

Other ingredients: Dipotassium Phosphate » Natural and Artifical Flavors » Sucralose » Tic Gum » Silica » Acesulfame-K » Citric Acid

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