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Ultra Karbs

'Super transport' nutrients into your body

KarboLyn® is a patented carbohydrate that contains a series of very unique properties. Because it passes through the stomach very quickly, it acts like a pump, pulling water and nutrients along with it. This high-tech carbohydrate actually moves through the stomach 80% faster than dextrose or sugar.

KarboLyn® is completely sugar free and is produced using a newly developed "Enzymatic Milling Process." The food sources used to produce the KarboLyn® are corn, potato, and rice, and the finished product is a modified molecular mass polysaccharide that is instantized and absorbed very quickly for maximum biovailability.

Waxy maize - a super nutrient transporter: With a high molecular weight and low osmolarity --meaning it bypasses the stomach and is absorbed by the intestines for immediate assimilation, -- waxy maize acts as a "super transporter," helping to shuttle nutrients into the body at a higher absorption rate.

Beet Natural

Improves energy & endurance and supports healthy circulation.

Vaso Vol

Helps support strong, intense and hard-hitting pumps without caffeine.

Ultra Pump Fuel - Caffeine Free

Fueling workouts all across the country, and taking results above and beyond expectations.

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Note: Formulations can change over time. Be sure to check the ingredients label on the in-store product.

Serving Size 1 Scoop(s) » Servings Per Container 40

Amount Per Serving % DV:: Calories from Fat 0 » Trans Fat 0 » Saturated Fat 0 » Total Fat 0 » Cholesterol 0 » Total Carbohydrate 25g » Dietary Fiber 0g » Protein 0g » Calories 100 » Sugars 0 » Sodium 0 » ULTRA KARBS™ Blend 25g » KarboLyn® (Homopolysaccharide) 12.5g » Waxy Maise Corn Starch 12.5g

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