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Vitamin K 100MCG

Maintain healthy bones

  • Helps the body transport calcium

  • Involved in bone matrix formation

  • Vitamin K is necessary for blood clotting

Vitamin K-2 - 100MCG

Supports the bone-building process and features superior menaquinone-7

Vitamin D3 Tablets 5000 IU

Supports healthy teeth & strong bones and enhances calcium absorption.

Flow Greens

Boosts energy and provides optimal support for the body.

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Note: Formulations can change over time. Be sure to check the ingredients label on the in-store product.

Serving Size 1 Tablet(s) » Servings Per Container 180

Amount Per Serving % DV: Calcium 50 mg 4% » Vitamin K (as Phytonadione 100 mcg

Other ingredients: Soybean Oil » Gelatin » Glycerin » Caramel Color » Titanium Dioxide (Mineral Whitener)

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