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Gym Molly RTD

Reduce muscle fatigue and get faster recovery

Gym Molly energy drink is the only drink on the market with 1500 mg of creatine hydrochloride to help with muscle fatigue plus containing BCAA's for quick recovery.

LIT On-The-Go Pre-Workout

Clinically dosed with ingredients proven to help push you further than you thought possible.

Bucked Up Energy Drink

Get a boost of energy with Bucked Up!

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Note: Formulations can change over time. Be sure to check the ingredients label on the in-store product.

Supplement Facts
Serving 1 can

Calories 20
Total Fat 0
Total Carbohydrates 0
Total Sugar 0
Sodium 30 mg
Vitamin B3 35mg
Vitamin B6 1mg
Vitamin B9 287 mcg
Vitamin B12 44mcg

Creatine Hydrochloride 1500 mg
Leucine 1000mg
Isoluecine 500 mg
Valine 500mg

Gym Molly Matrix 5225 mg
Citrulline Malate,Beta Alanine, Betaine Anhydrous, N-Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL, Caffeine (300mg) N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

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